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What’s happening in Killcare?

5 Lands Walk

For more information please visit this link: http://www.5landswalk.com.au/

The 5 Lands Walk is centred around 5 coastal communities on the Central Coast of New South Wales;

  •  MacMasters Beach
  •  Copacabana
  •  Avoca Beach
  •  North Avoca
  •  Terrigal

In each location you will find different events and art on show.


10 Things to Eat in Killcare

Executive chef Dean Jones picks fresh avocadoes. Pictures: Jenifer Jagielski
Executive chef Dean Jones picks fresh avocadoes. Pictures: Jenifer Jagielski

Eat Street

A TINY pocket of calm on the Central Coast, the humble fishing village of Killcare can provide a hungry visitor with everything from fine dining to a $10 tradie pack.

Take a tour of the area’s best eateries right here with The Sunday Telegraph’s Eat Street.

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Dean Jones with Hardy’s Bay oysters.
Emma Barry serves garden frittata.
Potato gnocchi with burnt butter.
Spaghetti with mussels and chilli.

Surrounded by national park land Bells at Killcare’s serene setting epitomises the origins of the town’s name: kill all cares. Nudging aside any thoughts of the working week, this boutique hotel, restaurant and spa’s English garden-inspired grounds and cottages embrace nature in every element, including their acclaimed restaurant and bar. Executive chef Dean Jones has elevated the Italian menu to a refined level, focusing on sustainable meats, locally sourced seafood and seasonal produce. The degustation menu offers a chance to experience some of the dishes Dean feels best reflect the seasonal menu, such as the potato gnocchi served with burnt butter. Or go a la carte with the steak rubbed with garden herbs. — 107 The Scenic Road


Very sweet view at the Yum Yum Trees. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

Every town has a central spot, and for Killcare, that’s near the pier, under the Yum Yum trees. As the story goes, during World War I and II, residents would stop here and have a drink while waiting for the mail to arrive. Years later, alcohol was banned from the beach but with the assistance of a persuasive group, a historical precedent was proved and people could once again have a cold one by the water. To truly appreciate this historic spot, hold out for sunset with a bottle of wine and gourmet treats from nearby Killcare Cellars and General Store. Pick up some local produce, award-winning chutney and sticky figs by Tar10, fun gingerbread cookies by Adri’s Gingerbread, then head back to the beach and catch the picturesque Central Coast sunsets. — Corner of Killcare Rd and Araluen Dr


Killcare Beach Kiosk caters for appetites sharpened by sea air. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski
Roast veggie wrap by the beach. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

The serene ocean view is so mesmerising that you may not even notice the humble kiosk behind you at the Killcare Surf Life Saving Club. Equally unexpected is an impressive list of house-made breakfast and lunch items, ranging from warm scones with jam to a roasted veggie wrap, that would rival any CBD cafe. Add to this the laid-back staff and you have an appealing combination. Take a visit and you’ll see workers grabbing a Tradie Pack, $10 for a burger, chips and drink, you’ll hear custom orders such as ‘Johnno’s salad’ and occasionally you’ll spy a tray of treats prepared for life guards. — Killcare Surf Life Saving Club


The Wagstaffe General Store crew. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski
Fish and chips. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski
Roadside delights at Wagstaffe General Store. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

From the outside it looks unassuming, but considering it houses the post office, is located near the ferry terminal and is overseen by genuinely friendly staff, the Wagstaffe Store would probably be better served as the town hall. Customers stream in and out buying their basics or grabbing a coffee and slice of cake while waiting for their ride to the mainland. Others though, linger a little longer to enjoy some of store owner Keron Irving’s cooking, particularly her rotating specials. — 46 Wagstaffe Ave, Wagstaffe


Souffle with blue cheese sauce. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski
Seared tuna. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

Looking out over the water, it’s easy to see why people return to Killcare, particularly those who grew up nearby. That’s the story of David Featherstone from Yum Yum Dining. He went off to do his apprenticeship with classical French training and has been back for the past 10 years serving up delicious meals at this beachside bistro, across the street from the yum yum trees of course. David relies on his nearby farm for many of the ingredients. — 60 Araluen Dr

When in Killcare, you must try …

Pork and sage sausage

Sausage at The Fat Goose. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

For a small fishing village, this rustic cafe sure draws a big crowd. One reason could be the house-made pork and sage sausage with grain mash and poached egg. — The Fat Goose, Shop 3, Killcare Rd

Corn fritters and scallops

Corn fritters with scallops. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

It may be located in the old general store but with a menu that features the likes of corn fritters with scallops, there’s nothing mainstream about this sleek cafe. — Hardys Bistro, 54 Araluen Dr

Sage and ricotta gnocchi

Sage and ricotta gnocchi. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

A glass of wine, an ocean view and a serving of gnocchi with pesto and basil crème sauce makes for a great start to the weekend or a lovely end to a busy day. — Latitude Thirty-Three, Killcare SLSC

Gourmet pizza

The View’s woodfired pizza.

If it’s pizza you’re after, head to the coast for some tasty gourmet creations. The specials here change regularly but their stellar taste remains a constant. — The View, Hardys Bay Pizza, 58 Araluen Dr

Seasonal pasta dishes

Pasta at Hardys. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

From live music sessions, local artist exhibitions and an ever-evolving seasonal menu, it’s always happening at this family-friendly and pokie-free restaurant. — Harry Hardy’s, 14 Heath Rd